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Dr. Hamid Barkhordar is a dental and orthodontic expert in the Southern California region. He’s helped kids, teens, and adults transform their smiles as part of the See Me Smile dental family.

For countless patients of various ages and oral health levels, their journey to a smile they’re proud of was fulfilled with Dr. Hamid by their side. His use of modern technologies and a deep knowledge of orthodontic procedures has made him one of the most highly touted and trustworthy professionals around.

He knows that every smile is different – so when you visit him for care for yourself or your child, you can count on the individualized attention you deserve. This goes for both the procedures themselves and the payment plan that comes with it. You and yours will leave with a smile that lights up a room.

What Is Dr. Hamid’s Background?

Dr. Hamid Barkhordar started his dental education at the University of Southern California (USC) School of Dentistry, where he earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree.

He then continued with his orthodontic training at the highly accredited Harvard University School of Dental Medicine. Not only did he demonstrate his commitment to honing his skills, but during this time he also demonstrated his commitment to patients. On a humanitarian trip to Colombia, he performed orthodontic treatments for communities that may have otherwise never received care.

He knows that oral health is vital for wellness and confidence. He is committed to staying informed about the latest techniques and technologies so he can better serve his patients with the best orthodontic work available.

Dr Hamid's Specialities
Dr Hamid's Specialities Image

What Are Dr. Hamid’s Specialties?

Dr. Hamid’s training and dedication to the field have equipped him to serve patients in all areas of orthodontics.

He’s skilled with technologies to straighten teeth such as traditional metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign®, and more.

For families looking to find the perfect dentist for their child’s orthodontic needs, Dr. Hamid is the one to choose. Whether they need a retainer, expander, space maintainer, or headgear, he’ll be clear about what the device is, what it does, and what you should expect.

He’s happy to share his knowledge with you and yours so you all end up smiling proudly!

What Makes Dr. Hamid Stand Out?

Dr. Hamid is a walking encyclopedic reference on the field of dental orthodontics. But what really makes him stand out is his commitment to patient satisfaction. He cares about maintaining a positive relationship with everyone he serves.

He understands that your smile is a big part of your persona as a confident individual. He takes pride in educating patients on what to expect, and feels great happiness when patients see their new smile for the very first time.

What Makes Dr. Hamid Stand Out Oxnard CA

What Our Patients Are Saying About Dr. Hamid

Dr. Hamid is known for being friendly, helpful and above all caring. He enjoys working with patients of all ages and is well-liked by kids and adults alike. Our patients really appreciate Dr. Hamid for his sense of humor and likeable personality.

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