Digital Dental X-rays Oxnard CA

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital Dental X-Rays Oxnard, CA

Digital dental x-rays are an important tool for your See Me Smile Dental of Oxnard team. Digital x-rays may be used to further investigate an oral health issue, diagnose a problem, or create a blueprint of your mouth and teeth.

Why Does My Dentist Use Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays in a dental office serve similar purposes to x-rays you may have received during an illness or injury. X-rays can be used to diagnose problems that cannot be seen on the surface of the teeth, mouth, or jaw. X-rays are used to identify issues with tooth or bone structures and can help in the diagnoses of tooth decay or gum disease.

When Are Digital X-Rays Necessary?

There are a variety of reasons your dental team may choose to take an x-ray. Often an x-ray is taken to give a comprehensive picture of the mouth and teeth.

Routine Dental Exam

Often your dentist will perform a digital x-ray during your routine dental exam. This gives your dentist a full picture of your oral health, including possible areas of tooth decay, abnormal tooth or bone structures, or newly emerging wisdom teeth.

Suspected Gum Disease

An x-ray may be taken if your dentist suspects you have gum disease, also known as periodontitis. A digital x-ray is able to easily show signs of infection and can help your dentist confirm if you have gum disease.


Digital x-rays are essential tools in orthodontic work. They allow your dental team to identify permanent teeth that have yet to erupt as well as the position of the roots of your current teeth.

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How Are Digital X-Rays Taken?

The procedure for a digital x-ray is very similar to a traditional x-ray. During the x-ray process a digital sensor will be inserted into your mouth to capture an image of your teeth or jaws. The digital sensor will send the images and information directly to a linked computer and can be viewed instantly.

Are Digital X-Rays Safe?

Digital x-rays are safer and more efficient than traditional x-rays. There is no need for concern about digital x-rays as they typically use 90% less radiation than even the very small amounts used by typical x-rays. Your dental team is highly skilled in the use of x-ray technology and can answer any questions you may have about the procedure.

Digital dental x-rays are a standard part of the exceptional dental care provided to you at See Me Smile Dental of Oxnard. We strive to offer you the safest and simplest x-ray procedure possible during your visit. Your x-rays will be quick, easy, and painless every time!

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